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September 25-28, 2016 Perlite Institute Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon USA

Bublon GmbH once again participates at the annual international symposium of The Perlite Institute from September 25-28, 2016 in Portland, Oregon ...

Progress in the treatment of primary and secondary raw materials

When considering the home industry in the context of global competition, it has become almost essential for survival, to continually and successfully ...

Smart bricks

All signatory states of the Kyoto Protocol have committed themselves to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a consequence, all new buildings are ...

Entwicklung und Einbau einer dem Bublon®-Verfahren vorgeschalteten Rohsandaufbereitung

Das im Zuge einer Forschungskooperation zwischen der Firma Binder+Co AG und dem Lehrstuhl für Aufbereitung und Veredlung der Montanuniversität ...