Construction industry

BUBLON® Spheres - For the highest demands of the construction industry.


BUBLON®  Spheres - leading insulation properties
BUBLON®  Spheres are impressive, not just for the first-class insulation properties, high mechanical strength and high abrasion resistance, but also due to the consequent reduction in cycle times in further processing and lower costs.


BUBLON®  conforms to the highest fire protection classes
BUBLON®  Spheres are particularly suitable for use in building materials and fire protection. They are incombustible and meet the highest fire protection classes and are therefore a natural, sustainable alternative to conventional building materials.


BUBLON®  protects the environment
BUBLON®  Spheres represent a symbiosis of natural raw materials and sustainable production processes. BUBLON®  expansion plants save resources and are energy-efficient and operate with low dust and free from flue gas emissions. BUBLON®  Spheres can be recycled and returned 100% to the ecological cycle at the end of the product life cycle.



  • Building materials
  • Building chemicals
  • Building paints

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