Environment & Sustainability

The environment and sustainability are two areas where the BUBLON® -Technology and the BUBLON® spheres produced with it are really outstanding:

Basic material and BUBLON® spheres

  • Basic material and the expanded BUBLON® spheres are 100% natural
  • Use of inexpensive and virtually inexhaustible raw materials
  • Low dust emissions in production and processing
  • 100% recycling of the BUBLON® spheres into the eco cycle at the end of the
    product lifespan
  • Low water absorption of the BUBLON®  spheres means cost-effective use
    and ideal suitability for further processing to slabs, plasters and moulded parts
    (requires less binders as well as less energy and time for drying)
  • The higher mechanical strength of the spheres ensures that they are not
    destroyed during further processing and keep their original insulating
    properties (e.g. in the plaster)
  • BUBLON® spheres are used as a natural, non-combustible organic filler,
    as an additive in plastics, paints and varnishes.or as
  • an inexpensive, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional microspheres.


  • Optimum utilization of the raw material thanks to customized processing
  • Zone-controlled electrical heating of the expansion furnace and energy
    transfer through heat radiation only, therefore
    o 50% energy savings and more
    o no flue gas
    o significantly lower noise levels
    o controlled expansion thanks to defined processing parameters, resulting in lower dust generation