Expandable industrial minerals

Basic material industrial minerals

Volcanic glass becomes “popcorn” for the industry.

Perlite is available as a natural raw material in large quantities. It forms in the process of weathering of volcanic glass and is constantly produced by volcanic activities. Due to inter-cellular water it expands by a factor of 20 from its original volume when heated above 800°C. In this way it resembles the method whereby popcorn is formed.

Bublon uses this technique to create an ideal, entirely natural basic material with numerous ecological product advantages that offer a wide range of application opportunities in the following areas:


Building Materials and Fire Safety Industry:
a vapour permeable, non-flammable, 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly raw material for machinable plasters and production of moulded parts in the insulation industry, building chemicals and building paints


Plastics Industry:
as an alternative in plastics manufacture e.g. injection moulding, extrusion, rotational moulding, composites and automotive applications


Paints and Varnishes:
as incombustible, lightweight filler in paints and coatings e.g. powder coatings, casting compounds, insulting material

a cost-effective environmentally  friendly alternative for conventional microspheres.


Besides perlite, other industrial minerals can also be thermally expanded with BUBLON-Technology.