Expansion furnace

The controlled expansion

The vertical expansion furnace used in the innovative BUBLON expansion technology is heated electrically; energy transfer is achieved through heat radiation.
The expansion furnace consists of several identical heating zones in which the temperature is individually and finely adjustable. The expansion rate of the final light fillers can be optimized by setting an exact temperature profile. This process is continuously monitored by a Bublon-developed density measurement and ensures that the material strength can be individually adjusted for each customer.
This controlled expansion ensures lightweight fillers with excellent product properties, in particular the glazed and closed surface. The expansion furnaces can be expanded by additional modules and it is even possible to operate several units in parallel.


The specific advantages of the BUBLON expansion furnace:

  •  the temperature can be individually adjusted in different zones
  •  this allows for a targeted variation of product quality
  •  the expansion process is continuously charted by in-line bulk density measurement
  •  the process-related vacuum in the system allows for production without discharging or escaping dust
  •  the degree of expansion of the raw materials can be improved by optional mechanical treatment
  •  the flow rate can be individually adjusted
  •  production capacity is virtually unlimited with integration of several expansion ovens in one system control