Modules & Plants

Various Designs of the BUBLON® Plant:

  • Stationary Plant
  • Semi-mobile Container-Plant

The principal advantages of BUBLON®-Technology are

  • optimum utilization of the raw material
  • unique product properties of the expanded BUBLON® Spheres thanks to its glazed and closed surface
  • adjustable defined product properties through individual temperature profiles
  • user-friendly process control
  • the flow rate can be individually adjusted
  • up to 50% less energy consumption
  • emission of dust and fine particles is avoided
  • emission-free technology as a contribution to CO2-reduction

Our product and service portfolio

  • Mobile and stationary modules or complete systems for expanding or calcining fine-grained industrial minerals
  • Turnkey solutions for complete plants from raw material silos to granulate storage, including peripheral plant engineering
  • Down stream technology
  • Processing technology from the parent company for upstream and downstream processing steps:
    • Crushing / breaking
    • Sieving
    • Thermal conditioning
    • Sifting and packaging, as well as
    • Complete production plants, e.g. for thermal insulation boards or lightweight concrete masonry blocks, or the provision of system expertise, e.g. in material formulations, with external experts
    • Patented plant components
    • Consulting and engineering
    • Installation and commissioning
    • Customized product development
    • Operation of customer plants
    • After sales service
  • Special equipment
  • Operation of the BUBLON expansion plant:
    • Basic research
    • Testing for customers for granulate development (material tests)
  •  BUBLON® Spheres for material sample production
  •  BUBLON® Spheres production in industrial scale