About us


Bublon GmbH produces customised BUBLON® microspheres based on controlled thermal expansion of the natural raw material perlite.

BUBLON® SPHERES are manufactured using a patented, energy-efficient process and are optimized to meet your individual requirements, for use in a wide range of applications, for example, in the building materials, plastics and coatings industries.

Within the area of BUBLON® SERVICES, the Bublon team can also provide you individual support, as a research-based expert partner, in research and development, ranging from the selection of suitable raw materials through to sampling and joint development of products.


 NATURAL CUSTOMIZED SPHERES - much mor than a corporate slogan

„Natural customized spheres" not only means the taylor-made expansion of industrial minerals to produce lightweight granules from the 100% natural raw material perlite, but also

  • maximum know-how and maximum expertise for our customers
  • maximum added value and sustainability through development of industrial solutions
  • and last but not least maximum success for our customers:


Company Portrait Bublon GmbH

2012: Foundation of Bublon GmbH
2012: Foundation of Bublon GmbH
100%-subsidiary of Binder+Co AG, Gleisdorf/A
Pilot Plant at the company seat
2014: First industrial uses of BUBLON technology
2018: Extension of the production capacity (2 expansion shafts) in Gleisdorf100%-subsidiary of Binder+Co AG, Gleisdorf/A
2023: 100%-subsidiary of OMYA


Managing Directors:

DI Dr. Michael Wimmer
DI Dr. Thomas Mangelberger