About us


BUBLON® is the latest development to come from the globally successful Binder + Co Group and operates as an independent subsidiary, supplying customised microspheres, based on controlled thermal expansion of the natural raw material perlite, as well as complete microsphere production systems.

BUBLON® SPHERES are manufactured using a patented, energy-efficient process and are optimized to meet your individual requirements, for use in a wide range of applications, for example, in the building materials, plastics and coatings industries.

Within the area of BUBLON® SERVICES, the Bublon team can also provide you individual support, as a research-based expert partner, in research and development, ranging from the selection of suitable raw materials through to sampling and joint development of products.

Based on the modular BUBLON® SYSTEMS design, Bublon GmbH is also able to supply complete perlite expansion plants based on its 120 years of expertise in processing technology and in machine and plant construction.


 NATURAL CUSTOMIZED SPHERES - much mor than a corporate slogan

„Natural customized spheres" not only means the taylor-made expansion of industrial minerals to produce lightweight granules from the 100% natural raw material perlite, but also

  • maximum know-how and maximum expertise for our customers
  • maximum added value and sustainability through development of industrial solutions
  • and last but not least maximum success for our customers:


Company Portrait Bublon GmbH

2012: Foundation of Bublon GmbH
100%-subsidiary of Binder+Co AG, Gleisdorf/A
Pilot Plant at the company seat
2014: First industrial uses of BUBLON technology
2018: Extension of the production capacity (2 expansion shafts) in Gleisdorf


Managing Directors:

Michael Wimmer
Martin Pfeffer